Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are From the 3rd Story Productions Ltd. a company registered in England and Wales, registration No. 08114256 and this is our website:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


We may use a cookie system such as Google analytics to track user methods for SEO purposes to learn to help up learn about how you (the Users) navigate our site, for more information on how Google use cookies click here Google analytics allow us to improve the user experience by allowing us to learn more about which devices out visitors are using and their user experience as a whole.

Username & Password

These aren’t needed to use this site, but if you choose to take part in the testing of our new features you will be tasked to provide a email, username and password, which we will not share. We advise you to use a new, unique password for security purposes

Testing Platform

In addition to the advice regarding usernames and passwords above, we’d advise that you do not become overly reliant on the testing environment and upload too much content, as ultimately is is just in a testing a development phase, although we do appreciate any and all help with it’s testing and development. We will wipe the database contents before it goes live.